Our Drivers

We hire only the best and most qualified drivers in the area. All our drivers undergo comprehensive background checks and have all necessary licenses.

Eric Bennet
Eric Bennet Eric has been a limousine chauffeur in Wilmington, NC for 14 years.  He has chosen a career as a chauffeur because he enjoys treating people like they are celebrities.   Eric feels his role as a chauffeur is to treat them to the full limousine experience, make sure it’s a fun and memorable evening, and make sure that everyone makes it home safely.

When he isn’t driving a limo, Eric enjoys playing pool & basketball, running, and mountain biking.  He also enjoys signing country, gospel music as well as R & B.   Eric said that his favorite thing about driving a limousine is, “The look on their face when they see a decked out limo and a properly dressed chauffeur is at their beckon call.”

Chester Meeks
Chester MeeksChester has been driving a limousine for 36 years and is one of the most experienced chauffeurs in the Wilmington, North Carolina area.   He is also served honorably in the United States Marine Corps and is a Vietnam Veteran.   Chester enjoys helping people have fun and ensuring they have a night to remember.

Chester’s is also a huge sports fan.  His favorite sport is drag racing & says that there is nothing like the smells and sounds of drag strip.   He also is a fan of the Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees, and the Carolina Tar Heels.

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