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    Tuesday July 1, 2014
    Limousine Rental’s

    How to rent A Limousine.

    Determine the amount of passengers and the event type.

    A 12 passenger limousine will seat 10 in comfort.

    A 10 passenger limousine will seat 8 in comfort

    A 8 passenger limousine will seat 6 in comfort

    Restaurant dine outs 1 to 2 hour notice .Most require 1-5 hours rentals

    Black tie events normally require 1 day to two weeks notice to book a limousine. Most black tie events require 3-5 hours

    Proms should be booked 1-3 months in advance. Most proms require a minimum of hours 2 -8 hours

    Weddings normally about 1-12 months in advance. Most weddings require 1-4 hour minimums

    Birthday ,Bachelor, Night on the town …etc require a few days -2 weeks. Most require 1-3 hour minimums

    A good limousine service will arrive early minutes ahead of schedule

    Rates and Discounts

    Deposits are required by most limousine services some require full payment deposits can range from $100.00 -$500.00. Payment normally will be due before the limousine rental some company’s take cash others take only credit cards . Some charge fuel charges sales tax or administration fees make sure to find out if this is in the quote.

    Sedan Rates can range from $45.00 hr -$225.00hr ( Luxury Town-cars to New Maybach Cars ).

    Lowest rates are normally for Sedan or Van service $45.00 hr -$85.00hr

    Mid range rates are normally for Stretch Limousines $60.00hr -$150.00hr

    Highest rates are normally for SUV, Limo Buses and Trollys $80.00hr – $295.00hr

    Many Limousine operators give discounts on Packages particularly, weekdays ,school events ,charities , advance bookings 1-2 months notice, casino trips, emergencies, and more always ask what discounts are available. Packages normally offer the lowest rates you may be able to get really good rates this way.

    Discounts can range from a few dollars off per hour to a few hundred off per night. Here are a few.

    Family and Friend Discounts= if you know others that need a limousine try getting them booked with you at the same limo company inform the limo company of this and you could receive a discount rate on one or all limousines rented.

    Free service = Extra service or hours at no charge. While you and your guest are away the limousine chauffeur can be used for service as a waiter would be used the chauffeur could pick up your other guest, kids, …etc .Many companies will give a free hour after so many hours or for promotional advertisements.

    Free Drinks = Water ,Champagne,Sodas,…etc Water is the standard in most limos many people drink as much water as they drink champagne or beer

    Proper Limousine Etiquette

    Chauffeur should open and close the door for all passengers and should be properly dressed professional suited and tie and have an official look of a chauffeur also should have umbrellas for guest and knowledgeable of the area. Chauffeur should also have proper license to operate a limousine in his or her state. The Limousine Company should have a license from the city or state. Most limousine company’s have 1.5 million to 5 million dollar commercial insurance policy’s and DOT Numbers . ( 8 or more passengers )

    Guest should be prepared for a exciting time also have a plan or idea of where they would like be chauffeured .

    Options include in most limos Flat screen TVs premium sound systems Cd players I pod hookups sunroofs a bars mood lights phone systems privacy partition (privacy for the tenants) get familiar with limousine options

    Tipping should be all inclusive in price. On average some limo drivers receive a much higher percentage for extraordinary service .

    The limo should be clean with clean glassware and a clean detailed interior. There is no smoking in almost all limousine services.

    Always clean up after your limousine rental

    Last thing enjoy yourself your ride and have fun
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